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Avoid the unknown & get checked!

Avoid the unknown & get monthly checks for Exclusion. It is better to be safe then sorry!

Applying for Reinstatement:

Reinstatement of excluded entities and individuals is not automatic once the specified period of exclusion ends. Those wishing to again participate in the Medicare, Medicaid and all Federal health care programs must apply for reinstatement and receive authorized notice from OIG that reinstatement has been granted.

To apply for reinstatement, send a written request to OIG at the address below. OIG will then provide Statement and Authorization forms that you must complete, have notarized and return. The information contained in these forms will be evaluated and a written notification of OIG’s final decision on reinstatement will be sent to you. Generally, this process requires up to 120 days to complete, but can take longer.

Excluded providers may begin the process of reinstatement 90 days before the end of the period specified in the exclusion notice letter. Premature requests will not be considered.

If reinstatement is denied, the excluded party is eligible to reapply after one year.


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