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Compliance Solutions

Employee Updates

We offer clients the ability to manage and maintain updated employee records, such as motor vehicle reports, criminal records searches and registries checks.

Using Zip24AR® (our proprietary client account portal), clients can easily add and manage reports for all employees.

I9 Compliance System

We offer a complete Form I-9 management system.  It provides simple, cost-effective compliance of your I-9 forms.  You have the ability to electronically complete, sign and store the Form I-9 for all new hires. 

The system also offers instant employment verification status by sending the employee’s data directly to E-Verify; and it will walk you through a step-by-step process for resolving tentative non-confirmations. Click HERE for the most up-to-date Form SSA 89.

Licensure Updates

LicenseALERT™ verifies the professional licenses of any client’s licensed employees, agents and contractors directly with the primary source and monitors these licenses monthly. Application Researchers®  will report any sanctions, revocations or other disciplinary actions to the client.

OIG Compliance

ExclusionALERT™ provides much needed peace-of-mind for our clients, offering 100% guaranteed OIG compliance with all federally-mandated exclusion search requirements, backed up by our exclusive SANCTION SHIELD™ liability protection. Monthly monitoring is in compliance with OIG requirements.

Online Learning

Let's Work Together

If you are a current client, or just need more information about

Application Researchers®, contact one of our team members.

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