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Form SSA-89


The SSA-89 Form must be filled out and completed for your background check.

In the following steps, you will quickly see how you can upload a hand-signed SSA-89 without any issues or errors.


Step 1: Print the Form SSA-89 HERE and complete it.

The SSA-89 is a federal document, and the instructions need to be followed or it can be rejected by the Social Security Administration and delay your background results.  You will need to print the SSA-89. After printing the SSA-89 make sure to fill it out completely. Below are some basic steps to follow:


  • Must be wet signature/hand signed with a pen (NO electronic signatures with a mouse, stylus, or stamps).

  • Make sure all sections are filled out (NAME, DOB, SSN, SIGNATURE & DATE).

  • If you must correct anything, please initial the correction.

  • Your name on the form should match what is on your SSN card.

  • Avoid writing in cursive (everything but your signature should be clear & legible).

  • Do not modify the information pre-filled on the form.

  • If you have more than 2 cross outs/corrections it is best to start over on a new SSA-89.

  • Double-check your information before uploading.


This form will contain your personal identification information and should be treated confidentially.

Step 2: Scan your form.

You can scan the form, or you can take a picture of the form with your smartphone device - see instructions HERE -.

Make sure the form is visible, easily readable, and complete. It cannot have any shaded areas or missing letters/numbers.

Once it is on your device you can then upload it to your applicant portal (the preferred and fastest method to get this form returned). 

Alternative Option: if you do not have a scanner or have the ability to upload the document you can fax it directly to Application Researchers, LLC at 423-658-3188.


Step 3: Upload your form.

When you complete your background request, the request will go back to the organization that requested it for review and approval. Once it is approved you will receive an email giving you access to your personalized background portal. You will need to provide the following to log into your portal:

1. Email.

2. DOB.

3. First Name.

4 Last Name.

An email with a code will then be sent to you, which you can then enter into the next section. This portal will allow you to upload the SSA-89 to your report securely. 

It is of great importance to know that Application Researchers will not be able to complete your report until the SSA-89 is uploaded.

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