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By admin|August 30, 2012|News|

Application Researchers® is committed to being a one-stop-shop for all of your pre-employment and post-offer needs. When you choose Application Researchers, the combination of our unique portfolio of services enable you to make critical decisions with confidence. We are more than just a background check provider and since going above and beyond is an AR standard, we provide these value-added services, designed to meet clients’ needs:

• AppEVAL® – Hiring the right person the first time is tricky. It’s limited to your ability to assess not only the candidate’s education, training and skills, but also their ability to make the solid, sound decisions as well. That’s where the AppEVAL® comes in. Our values profile assessment offers proven, scientific methods of measuring a persons’ ability to make common sense decisions. Through this calculated process, you will not only help ensure that you do hire the right person the first time, but you will save unnecessary costs as well. It’s a win/win scenario!

• Tax Incentive Program –The best thing about our unique Tax Incentive Program is that you pay absolutely NOTHING, unless our tax credit processing center captures tax credits for your company. Each year companies leave billions of dollars in federal and state tax credits and incentives unclaimed. On average, up to 20% of hourly wage employees qualify and these credits and incentives are worth up to $9,000 per eligible new hire. You do the math!

• Complete I-9 Compliance Program – We’re proud to offer a COMPLETE Form I-9 management system. It’s simple, cost-effective, and provides instant employment work authorizations. You can electronically complete, sign and store the Form I-9. You can even upload current paper I-9 forms so that you have a completely paperless Form I-9 process.

• Automated Adverse Action Letters – Let’s face it, the most impressive candidate on paper can turn out to have a not so impressive past. Did you know that if you decide not to hire a person based on any piece of information within a background check, then you’re legally required to provide the applicant with an adverse action letter? The FCRA mandates that you provide the applicant with the letters, as well as a copy of their background check and a summary of their rights under FCRA. Application Researchers® can help ensure that you are incompliance with this law. We provide automated pre-adverse and adverse action letters. With a simple click of a button, you can make sure you’re in compliance!

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