to pay $480,000 in restitution for misleading background checks.

By mmwilliamson|March 8, 2018|News|

How reliable is your background screening company?, a company that prides itself on connecting families with caregivers, recently settled a lawsuit in which they agreed to pay $480,000 to consumers and the state of Massachusetts. The reason? Background checks.

The company offered two different types of background screenings for their caregivers. The screenings were provided by a third-party vendor; and, families had the option between a “Preferred” or “Preferred+”. In both options, these families thought they were paying for state and county criminal records searches.

According to investigators, criminal searches were only being performed at the superior court level.  The vast majority of criminal records are held in district courts and the resulting background checks did not include misdemeanor and felony records from district courts.

Families unknowingly hired criminals to take care of their loved ones, young and old. As reported by The Boston Globe in December of 2015, one family found out their nanny, hired from, had stolen $280,000 from their checking account. More serious allegations of wrongful death lawsuits in other states all point back to misleading or false information reported on a background check.


Databases of incomplete and misinformation plague the backgrounding world.  Often people choose the more inexpensive option when requesting a background check, and that means they are only getting information that feeds into a database.

Even the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) doesn’t use a single database of information for searching criminal records, they use a collection of databases known as the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).  The shocking truth is that the NCIC only contains an estimated 50 to 55 percent of all available criminal records in the United States.

How can you stay protected?

Choose a background company you can trust! Application Researchers, LLC™ has been providing background screenings in numerous industries for almost 24 years. We obtain criminal records from proprietary sources and we ALWAYS check for misdemeanors and felonies. We offer the most reliable, efficient, and comprehensive background checks available. Don’t compromise safety and well-being for the convenience of a database.

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