Benefits for large and small businesses

Application Researchers’ human resource professionals can help you eliminate problems associated with inadequate screening of prospective employees.

Benefits include:

  • Hire the right people first
  • Better cope with government regulations
  • Reduce risk of litigation and losses
  • Reduce attrition and workplace crime
  • Get more complete, realistic references using proven questioning techniques

Phase I – Legal Verification

Legal Verification involves searching for civil suits, misdemeanor offenses or felony convictions. Civil records may include information about malpractice or negligence, wrongful discharge, breach of contract, sexual harassment, contract disputes, repossessions and more. Criminal record files can alert an employer to misdemeanor or felony charges including drug possession, assault, theft, DUI, murder or other criminal charges.

Although statewide searches are available in more than 30 states, we encourage our clients to request searches by county as it is more comprehensive, detailed and accurate.

County Search: Completion Time: 1-3 days
Statewide Criminal Search: Completion Time: up to 10 days
Federal District Court Search: Completion Time: up to 3 days

Phase II – Personal Verification

Personal Verification can include any combination of the following services:

  1. Credit report -determines financial stability and any judgments rendered against the applicant. This report is especially helpful when filling bookkeeping or cashier positions.
  2. Educational background – confirms attendance, diplomas, degrees, certifications or specific training from any school.
  3. Employment history – involves an extensive verification of employers provided on the application, attempting to discover discrepancies or gaps.
  4. Military record – in the event an applicant claims to have gleaned experience in the military which qualifies them for a position, the ranking and duties can be verified.
  5. Motor vehicle report – for positions where the employee will be operating machinery or a company-owned vehicle, this report is imperative as it provides all traffic violations, automobile accidents, and current licensing information.
  6. Personal references – investigates the credibility and character of the applicant by a standard list of comprehensive questions which each reference is asked in a telephone interview.
  7. Social Security Scans -provides a list of all addresses an individual has used when applying for credit. These addresses are instrumental in determining if there are other regions in the United States that should be researched. Unfortunately, 63% of all applicants conceal previous addresses for obvious reasons.

Phase III – Health Screening

Application Researchers provides a full-service approach that includes health screenings:

  1. Job specifications – This category has been modified to investigate an applicant’s ability to perform the job duties as described by the employer’s job description. This information is extremely cost-effective and should be essential in labor positions or repetitive motion jobs. Please note that this category does not give cause to discriminate based on a prior workers compensation claim; rather, it allows the employer to determine if the applicant has misrepresented their capability to fulfill the job specifications. The employer does not receive information pertaining to the injury which could jeopardize compliance with Americans With Disabilities Act; instead, the report provided by Application Researchers only confirms the veracity of the applicant’s statement that he/she can perform the job duties as they have been described.
  2. Pre-employment drug screen – involves testing of the applicant’s urine by certified lab for 10 categories (panels) of drugs, which is non-Department of Transportation (DOT)*.
  3. Pre-employment physical examination – consists of a basic examination by a qualified physician for individuals applying for non-DOT positions*.

*Please note that Application Researchers offers additional services to accommodate the needs of clients hiring for Department of Transportation (DOT) positions.